The Benefits of Virtual Reality

Imagine hosting an open-house event: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


One that isn’t bound by physical constraints or conventional accessibility concerns. To be able to welcome prospective visitors, students and clients into your organisation and allow them to freely explore. Even better, what if you could let them see the places ordinarily out-of-bounds: backstage areas, collection storage rooms or workshops to win their attention.


Through industry-leading technology, CONVRTS make this experience available for everyone with an internet connection.


By producing a 3D tour, visitors to your website can walk around your organisation or location as if they were there – and in breathtaking detail. To be able to navigate through an immersive 360-degree experience on computer, phone or VR headset is the ultimate attention-grabber.


Interactive floor plans allow your viewers to plan their physical visit; unique ‘tags’ allow you to add rich information to objects and points of interest; and the unique ‘dollhouse’ view gives a new perspective on exploration by letting users spin and rotate your 3D model. With just one simple swipe of a finger, click of a mouse or nod of the head, you can give people the grand tour.


​Let CONVRTS show them what they’ve been missing out on, and help win you more recognition and accolades in the process.

What could you achieve with a virtual reality-ready immersive 3D space from CONVRTS?

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