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The property landscape is changing. 90% of home buyers are aged 35 and younger, which means that millennials are a key niche for agents to target. These first time home buyers are used to using new technology and comfortable doing their own research prior to any agent outreach, so it’s important to stand out by leveraging newer technology for a successful real estate marketing program – across websites, digital advertising, offline advertising, email marketing, and traditional channels.


Across all these channels, property marketing has shifted and is more dynamic than ever. Research shows that dynamic visual content generates 403% more inquiries from real estate listings; 49% more qualified leads come in from 3D tours, and buyers are 60% more likely to email and 95% more likely to call an agent about a property that has a Virtual Tour.


Research also found that, among people surveyed, 67% want more businesses to have virtual tours. This means that people actively appreciate virtual tours when they land on company websites.


Visitors spend 300% more time on a listing with a Virtual Tour

“Listings with Virtual Tours received 44% more clicks”

“A Virtual Tour reduces wasted viewings by 40%” Property Week


The Benefits of a Virtual Tour

24/ 7 Open House – Reduce wasted time out of the office with customers who have no experience of the property. By providing a Virtual Tour online, you minimise this wasted effort and increase your warm leads.


Virtual Tours can help sell and rent homes faster and for a higher price. Allowing potential tenants and buyers to engage with the property in an immersive and interactive way encourages them to build a relationship with the space and to feel at home in the environment. Leading to greater interest and better offers.


Highlight areas of interest and selling points with information tags

Providing your clients with a Virtual Tour for their property allows you to differentiate your brand in a competitive marketplace. When homesellers see how agents are using 3D, they’re impressed. 74% of agents report they are more competitive because of Virtual Tours

Revisit Your Building At The Tap Of A Screen

Revisit your existing building at the tap of a screen. Fitting-out a space? Enhance decision-making with speedy and accessible 3D walkthroughs. Supported by 2D plans, our dimensionally-accurate models will add to your design process by providing a full record accessible to all stakeholders. The 360° photo-survey is underpinned by a .obj file so you can quickly start modelling in 3D.

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