Who among us hasn’t fantasised about walking around a museum in the dead of night – having it all to ourselves? With a CONVRTS 3D scan, you can make this fantasy a reality for virtual visitors to your museum.


Let viewers get up close and personal. Show them behind the scenes or take them to the places traditionally out of bounds. Use tags to add descriptions to artefacts, or loop a tour on your website to generate interest.


The viewer completely dictates the pace and direction of navigation, meaning they can ‘shortcut’ directly to the areas of their interest via interactive floorplans, and wander freely 24 hours a day.


Wandering around alone, late at night, in an entirely empty museum is a dream of many. That this fantasy is so prevalent shows how much museum visitors value uninterrupted access. Such access has an enormous positive impact on engagement. Compare and contrast the experience of visiting a quiet museum on a rainy day with that of visiting the same museum on a busy summer weekend.


What if visitors could wander empty museums at any time, day or night?

Now they can, without ever having to leave the comfort of their armchair, thanks to virtual reality.


Museums don’t scale well. What would you have to put in place if you were to double the number of visitors?


Even if you could accommodate twice the number of visitors, what impact would this have on accessibility? Already, even on quiet days, some people struggle to view exhibits – to appreciate them fully. Others simply cannot access the museum at any time.

The internet, on the other hand, is built for scale. The marginal cost of an extra YouTube viewer or app download, or even virtual visitor, is practically zero.


CONVRTS can capture your museum in VR-ready 3D, making it available to view for anyone with an internet connection. Even better, when viewed through a VR headset, it produces a space the viewer is completely immersed in: they can look up, down, all around and move about it.


Unlike 360-degree video, the viewer has entire control of where they wish to move and what they want to focus on. They choose what interests them, they’re not at the mercy of what interests the camera operator. A CONVRTS scan delivers a fully immersive experience – a user steps out of their real-world, and into yours.

This isn’t about replacing in-person visits. Instead it’s about exciting audiences, prompting debate and engaging those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to visit in person. If you offer conference facilities or venue hire, it also offers an ideal way to showcase your hireable spaces.


In addition to a big tick in the VR box, our spaces also provide exceptional value for money – our solutions start in the hundreds, not thousands, of pounds. Your immersive space is sure to produce the ‘wow’ factor whether viewed through headset, or explored in 2D on computer, tablet or phone. It’s the right solution at the right time for where the UK is at the moment in terms of technological adoption: VR ready, yet also accessible to everyone. The perfect blend.


Try it out for yourself below. We captured historical Red House Museum just before it closed its doors for good.


“We were delighted to be able to work with CONVRTS to create a permanent digital record of the historic house which will be still be able to be viewed in virtual reality after Red House Museum closes to the public in December.” Joanne Catlow – ‎Community Heritage & Education Manager at Kirklees Council


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