Create a 24/7 Open Day with a Campus Panomap including Embedded Virtual Tours and Information Tags


ConVRts Uni Common Room

Virtual Tours – A 24/7 Open Day

Just like any other sector, universities faces stiff competition in capturing attention and winning connections. Universities are naturally proud to show off their communal buildings, lecture halls, classrooms, labs and halls of residence as a point-of-difference.


​In the process of deciding a shortlist of which education establishment to visit, photographs and tours have played a vital role. But this is dated technology. Increase your chances of connecting with digital-native millennials by showcasing your facilities in virtual reality.


​Simple to embed on your website, or distribute via email or social media, a 3D scan offers the perfect vehicle to show off facilities to prospective students and parents alike. Boost in-person visits with an attention-grabbing virtual reality CONVRTS scan.


In today’s competitive education environment, how can you ensure you stand apart and grab attention? With virtual reality.


A virtual reality-ready campus tour sets you apart. Whilst the growth in VR headset ownership skyrockets, the UK is still largely lagging behind in VR content. This offers an enormous opportunity for a forward-thinking university to use VR to grab attention and encourage in-person visits – already approximately 80% of university campus visitors have taken an outdated website / 360 tour.


CONVRTS are the university VR tour experts. Our cutting edge tech produces immersive spaces that can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. You don’t need to speak geek nor have a degree in IT to jump straight in and explore. We make VR approachable, affordable and fun.


Even better, a 21st-century-ready immersive experience costs less than you’d imagine. CONVRTS produce VR spaces at a rate that compares favourably to professional video.


Create a 24 / 7 Open Day with a Campus PanoMap including Embedded Virtual Tours and Information Tags.

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