ConVRts Aerial Drone Image Cathedral

Aerial Drone photography has made previously impossible imagery and outstanding vantage points, increasingly accessible and provided the opportunity to capture high quality, professional aerial photographs and video to fulfil a wide range of requirements.


Whether it’s to create the Wow factor for marketing your project, showcase the location of your venue or scale of your event, or even to create a Panomap of your area with embedded information links, we can provide a professional level drone and qualified, experience operator to capture the footage you require for your project.


Using a range of DJI drones, including DJI Inspire 2 with a range of camera and lens options, our drones can capture your footage up to 5.2k, providing high quality aerial cinematography and photographic video to Hollywood-grade standard. Our smaller DJI Mavic 2 Pro can access smaller spaces, indoor shoots etc and is capable of shooting up to 4k with its Hasselblad camera so there are a range of great options to suit your needs.


With the option of adding high quality 360 video cameras, such the GoPro Fusion and Ricoh Theta Z we can also provide a range of Aerial 360 video options at up to 5.2k which allow your viewers a full 360 view of the flight using VR goggles…. which is an incredible experience!

While our drone operators love to shoot aerial photographs and video, with the use of DJI Goggles our systems allows a second person to see a HD live view of camera feed and control the camera with their head movements. This is perfect for a film-maker who wants a pilot to fly the drone but knows the exact shot they are looking for.


We work closely with you and ensure that we understand what exactly you are looking for from your aerial shoot so that the time in the air is as productive as possible.

We are CAA registered, all of our pilots are PfCO holders and we have full insurance by Coverdrone.


A full risk assessment is carried out prior to any shoot and any factors likely to affect the success of the flight will be discussed at each stage of the process.


Our Panoramic 360 Aerial images can be embedded with your 3D Virtual Tours and Information Tags to create a panoramic map of your Campus, Venue or any Outdoor Space!

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